Best Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

poodle for allergies

Best Breeds of Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

poodle for allergies

People love to have a pet at home but allergies are big issues. So many people use to complain about this problem as they are not able to keep a lovely dog at home to accompany their kids.

Some of the most common breeds that can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people include dog dander, dog urine and dog saliva etc. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot keep a pet.

Yeah! The good news is that you can always have a trustworthy companion around you; all that matters is your selection for right breed. There are so many dog breeds that are really good for allergy sufferers, some of the best ones are:

  1. Affenpinschers:

Affenpinscher is well known for its rat chasing skills that is why it was on great demand during 1600s. But slowly people started thinking about other breeds just because of its unusual face cut that appears somewhat like monkey’s face. The word Affen actually means Monkey in the German language but as a family member this dog can serve you with loyalty and affection.

  1. Bichon Frise:

If you are searching for a tiny, beautiful, cuddly companion then Bichon Frise must be your first choice. This little dog use to have maximum weight around 10 to 18 pounds and it always stays active for its careful jobs. This is a great option for those who live in apartments. Bichon Frise is proven as most affectionate, playful and perky family pet.

  1. Chinese Crested Dogs:

It is not necessary that your Chinese Crested Dog is always hairless, they are actually of two types where one is powerpuff and another is hairless. Out of both these, the hairless is generally born with incomplete hair forming dominant gene whereas the powderpuff or well known as puffs use to have soft attractive fur coat on his body. This category of dogs is rated as highly intelligent, alert, playful and they are always ready to excel in challenges.

  1. Poodles:

These types of pets usually come in three different sizes: toy, miniature and standard one. Poodles are generally very active and energetic dogs but they also demand regular exercise schedule. Poodles love recreational activities so you can play the ball fetch match with him for long run.

  1. Spanish Water Dog:

Here is a devoted and loving family companion that loves to do hard work and always stays happy and attentive. He is little reserved by nature but at young age you can help him to become little socialized. Spanish Water Dogs are always eager to please others and they are often used for rescue and search operations.

  1. Maltese Dog:

Maltese Dogs can be very playful and loving dogs but they always demand true love, attention and human companionship. It is small in size but can always stay active. This dog loves to go for outdoor activities and to keep its energy level high as per its nature, you need to organize regular exercise schedule for him.

Hopefully one of these dog breeds is the right dog for you!


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