Carpet Cleaning for Allergy Relief

Carpet Cleaning Removes Allergens

vacuuming carpet

The Allergy Relief Guide has offered several home remedies and natural remedies for allergy relief in past posts. Most of our remedies involve various oils, scents and solutions to inhale or ingest. Today’s tip for allergy relief isn’t an oil or ointment, it’s carpet cleaning.

That’s right … carpet cleaning.

In general, routine cleaning is a great step for allergy relief in your home. Be sure to routinely wipe down surfaces, vacuum and circulate the air in your home. You should dust and vacuum your home at least twice a week.

Pay close to attention to your bedroom where many allergens, including dust mites, might live. Dust mites lay 100s of eggs in their lifetime and each dust mite will produce 2,000 fecal particles while alive. You can prevent a large scale dust mite infestation with routine cleaning and enclosing fabrics in protective vinyl case but that won’t eliminate the problem entirely.

You will want to go one step further and hire a professional carpet cleaner for hard-to-remove allergens.

That is because the carpet in your home is filled with allergens! There is mold and bacteria in carpet as well as dust mites too. If you own pets there is definitely pet dander in your carpet. Any allergen in the air of your home eventually floats and settles into the carpet.

There is an argument that allergy sufferers shouldn’t have carpet in their home. But that is not true. Here is why. Your carpet is essentially a giant filter on the floor of your home and it traps all of the contaminants and allergens. If there was no carpet, the allergens would not settle onto hardwood or tile floor. Instead, allergens would continue to circulate in the air and eventually be breathed in or irritate your skin and eyes.

Some of the allergens trapped in carpet can be removed with routine vacuuming but a lot of the allergens will settle deep into carpet fibers and cannot be extracted with a vacuum cleaner.

That’s where professional carpet cleaning and Chem-Dry comes in. Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, IN claims to remove 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery with their cleaning process. The claim is supported in a recent health study from their franchise headquarters. You can learn more about the study and their carpet cleaning process at their blog or watch this video:

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning once every 12-18 months. If you suffer from allergies you might want to consider more routine carpet cleaning to remove all of the allergens living in your carpet and in your furniture upholstery too!

Even better, if you combine Chem-Dry carpet cleaning with their sanitizer product, the service will remove 89% of the bacteria from the air in your home too!

Allergy sufferers should not underestimate the importance of cleaning when it comes to their health. Routine cleaning of all of the rooms and surfaces of your home should occur every couple of days and deeper cleaning, including professional carpet cleaning, should occur once or twice throughout every year and maybe even more during allergy seasons.


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